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Default Re: Stewart Copeland

Originally Posted by Disco Stu View Post
Indeed, Sting was definitely the primary songwriter. In the documentary "Everyone Stares," Copeland himself acknowledges Sting's brilliance in this area. And as you said, it was Copeland that formed the band, and I was alluding to that fact with my comment, but also that he was integral in shaping the overall sound of The Police.
Absolutely. There is this show over here which goes on at about 00:30 on the franco-german channel (Arte) in which two artists of the same kind (two actors, two musicians, other...) are put together to talk about their art in general, their careers and many other stuff and not too long ago they got together Stewart Copeland and an English violinist (sorry I can not remember his name.)

They were in L.A. dining in Stewart's favorite restaurant and the violinist asked Stewart what he thought about Sting. He answered that even though they had a hard time getting on, he does consider Sting as a friend and that he will always be grateful for the way he changed Andy and his lives. He said many other things concerning Sting, and he always spoke of him with great respect. Stewart came off as a nice, fun guy. I was really happy to see that show.
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