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Default Re: Jon "Bermuda" Schwartz here!

Originally Posted by X22 View Post
And the conversation comes full circle ("the way I do it")!
Specifically, I mean my approach to the parts, not necessarily my execution of them.

Playing parts is fairly easy. I think that a lot of drummers can play what I play.

Backwards engineering a track and dissecting an existing part, assembling the correct cymbal and drum sounds, and then playing those parts for an artist/producer who is right up there with Zappa, McCartney, and Becker & Fagan for being meticulous... that's a different matter. It's the approach to executing the parts that accounts for my longevity in this project; one has to be just as meticulous as Al.

Same goes for songs that are sequenced, except that the sounds are often layered and otherwise filtered... sometimes they're not drums at all. Yet, you still have to duplicate them. Usually, such parts weren't even originally programmed by a drummer, so it can be especially confounding when trying to play the parts live (and no percussionist to help out, the drummer generates ALL percussion noises either physically, or by programming them.) That aspect of the gig would send most drummers running.

Here's a fun test for those who have a little time and think they're meticulous enough for Al. Listen to the U2 song "Hold Me Thrill Me Kiss Me Kill Me" (which we parodied in 1996, and constructed completely from scratch.) It doesn't matter whether you like the song or are even familiar with it. I am asked to reproduce a lot of songs that I have never heard of, or might not normally listen to, or don't necessarily like... but that's part of doing the gig.

So, question: How many snare sounds are there in that song? And no guessing - you have to tell me where each sound is used.

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