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Default Re: Mac Vs PC

Go for the Mac!

1. Macs are VERY uprgradable. My dad, who is a research scientist ad NIH, has had his for about 9 years and it performs like it rolled off the line yesterday. (it has a Y2K compatible sticker on it.. lol) Try that w/ a PC.
2.Macs are more compact and have more features, such as iSight (i know there are some pc imitators out there) and to finger scrolling. The graphics and gaming are incredible.
3. For a drummer like you macs are a great choice. Bright display with built-in MIDI capabilities and Garage Band. When is the last time you saw a guy at a clinic toting a pc?
4. They look better ;-).

Also now that Mac can be FULLY compatible with ALL programs, the restriction issues aren't valid anymore. Plus i never feel restricted because most of the good programs for geeks like me are on mac anyway.

And if you cant spring for the MacPro, get the iBook. Its a great computer too.
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