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Default Mac Vs PC

I need some help here. I'm thinking to get a Macbook Pro but the thing from stopping me is the price and I don't know if it's gonna last me for long time since Apple is always coming out with new products, and I hate changing computers all the time. Reason for changing, I need something for music, video and photo editing, better gaming, faster laptop, longer battery life, something stable. I need some advices.

I'm thinking to get the 2.33GHz one, but after comparing it to the 2.16Ghz one, the price is such a big difference. Both comes with 2GB RAM, X1600 256MB graphics card, 120GB HD. I'm using a 17" laptop with 80GB HD, 1GB RAM and a 2.8Ghz Pentium 4 processor and sometimes I get pissed off cause it heats up so fast, it slows down sometimes and the battery life sucks! So guys any comments? Should I get a Mac?
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