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Default Re: Tommy's Current Touring Kit

Originally Posted by tleetech View Post
We ended up naming this one the "Dog In A Blender" kit...

Remo Heads(top/btm): Snare-EmporerX/Hazy Amb Snare; Toms-Clr Pinstripe/clear or smooth white Ambassador; 26" Kick-Coated Powerstoke 3/Ebony Ambassador resonant w/mic port(muffling: pillow lightly touching both heads); 32" Kick-Smooth White Ambassador/Ebony Ambassdaor resonant w/mic port(no muffling)

We're also using Puresound 30-strand snares; Vater Slicknuts & Stick Holders

Hey, first off, Thanks for taking questions. Alot of techs dont usualy care about questions, but it seems you have token the time, so thank you. I only have 1 question, Tommy uses Ahead sticks, what do you think about them(or Tommy, if you could)? I am interested on buying them, but i'm scared that they will be to heavy, how long do they last,and how hard are they to control. I use Vic Firth 5b's right now, and they usualy last me 2 months. So im very interested in these.
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