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Default Re: Jon "Bermuda" Schwartz here!

Originally Posted by X22 View Post
Maybe Bermuda could tell us what else he's doing besides drumming. Is he kicking off sequencers? Is he running sound for the band? What is it that makes him indispensable?
Regarding the scope of my situation with Al, it involves creating sequences (not just drum parts, mind you,) cueing songs in concert (that doesn't just mean a countoff,) cueing countoffs from video, creating sounds and sound effects...

But most importantly, and something I haven't heard any other drummers do: duplicating sounds - both as samples and acoustically, and in particular, duplicating parts - both sequences and live - note for note. And I mean, NOTE FOR NOTE! I think I once said that I copy parts with at least 99% accuracy. But when I figured out that it meant as much as one wrong note every 8 bars, and my track record is far better than that, I'd have to say my accuracy level is probably at least 99.9%. Yeah, I've missed a few notes in 12 albums. literally... just a few.

That's a large part of what makes me indispensible. And I have some photos. (hey, why do you think Joey Kramer gets to stay in Aerosmith??!!)

Could another drummer play what I play? Yeah, not much hard stuff there. But running the show, creating the sounds and sequences, dressing like a woman for a photo shoot (what, did I forget to mentioin that?) and much more is not something that many drummers can or will do.

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