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Default Re: Jon "Bermuda" Schwartz here!

Originally Posted by X22 View Post
So, I don't know if you've ever addressed it, but how DID you get the gig?
Al Yankovic was in the studio of the Dr. Demento radio show to perform a couple of his songs live. At that point he was just a kid with an accordion and some crazy songs that he had written, and he was getting huge response from the tapes that he had sent in to the Doctor's show. Jon just happened to be in the building at the time and Al asked him if he would accompany him by beating a rhythm on the accordion case!

I won a prize at one of Jon's clinics for knowing the exact date of that first "gig." I used to listen to the Dr. Demento show every week when I was a kid and I actually heard the show as it was being broadcast. All these years later and I can honestly say that I've been a fan of Al and Jon from day one.

Originally Posted by X22 View Post
It might take two people...
That was exactly my point, thanks.
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