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For a few reasons, you're absolutely right. First, Al wouldn't pay Vinnie's rate. Second, if the song was sequenced... well, let's just say that Vinnie and sampling/sequencing don't go together. Third, Vinnie wouldn't take the time to work out the parts note-for-note, and sound-for-sound, not without being paid a lot extra (see first reason.) Fourth, although it would be a feather in Al's and my cap - imagine me saying that it took Vinnie to replace me?! - I don't think there's an appeal to Al's fans one way or another, in the same way that many drummers will seek out the albums that Vinnie plays on, just because it's Vinnie.

Not to be immodest, but I know of no other drummer who does what I do with Al. It will be very interesting to see who can step in if I ever leave. It's truly a one-of-a-kind gig.

Why does Vinnie have a problem with being sampled/sequenced? I've heard that before and am asking out of pure interest. I heard that Vinnie once said that he sometimes choses not to play a certain thing he thinks is cool, because he is afraid that someone might sample it. Strange. Any thoughts/insights about that?

If you'd quit with Al, I'd be happy to give that gig a shot :). I love stuff that requires many different drumming-skills. Next week I'll be playing a gig that will require me to play jazz, hiphop, reggae, metal, techno, schlager and a few other things all in one Show. I am really looking forward to that night. I hate being reduced to one particular style..... that is just boring. I am totally not saying I could play that gig with Al, but I'd like to try. I'm absolutely sure that thousands of guys would like to try that though so my wish is probably no surprise. Does Al pay well, lol??

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