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I don't like this reference. Your Virgil reference is much better. Did Bonham have superb taste or simply a lack of imagination because of a lack of technical chops - or a lack of influence from other players? If he had the blistering speed of today's drummers, might he have used it? We simply don't know.

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another way would be to look at john bonham. he had lots of skill but nothing like the drummers of today in terms of chops but john had taste. his choices were superb and that's what makes him a legend.
Great taste in leaving his chops at home but you're forgetting he's got a great mind coming up with a drum part. 99.9% of all drummers, when hearing a tune that's in 5/8 would NEVER think of playing the right hand in 4/4. Forget about even making it sound like it belongs - which Vinnie does perfectly.

what makes vinnie so cool is that he has loads of skills (which can be learned by the diligent drummer) and he has a great taste in choosing when to use which one or most importantly when not to use them (which cannot be exactly emulated by anyone but vinnie).
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