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Default Re: Jon "Bermuda" Schwartz here!

and the 'message' i was referring to was vinnie as a measure of drum skill. :)

but you're right about the human vinnie tho. i think one of the most important aspects of drumming is taste. for instance i can appreciate the skill and amazing ability of virgil donatti but i just don't like his music. he has different taste to me. another way would be to look at john bonham. he had lots of skill but nothing like the drummers of today in terms of chops but john had taste. his choices were superb and that's what makes him a legend.
taste is something that can only be refined or learned to a certain extent by listening to a broad range of music a lot, but a lot of taste comes down to individual human character. some people like putting furry covers on their toilet seats and plaster ducks on the walls.
but i think the debate here is about a skill. what makes vinnie so cool is that he has loads of skills (which can be learned by the diligent drummer) and he has a great taste in choosing when to use which one or most importantly when not to use them (which cannot be exactly emulated by anyone but vinnie).
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