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Default Re: Stewart Copeland

Originally Posted by Drum-Head View Post
That goes without saying since it was Stewart who put the band together in 1977. However, Sting was the soul (so to say) of the band since, from what Stewart says, he brought most of the musical ideas to the table. I see it as a whole, great musicians came together to make great music. The Police was Andy, Stewart and Sting and would not have been what is was/is any other way - one of the biggest bands ever!

My girlfriend just bought me the Synchronicity Concert Dvd for my birthday and I'm loving it (and her of course.) I just dig the way Copeland looks high and hyperactive on that kit!
That is a fantastic dvd. I can't remember which song exactly, but i remember this great part where copeland is over on his percussion table thing, playing away, and then has to leap back over onto the kit, in time, to continue the song. It cracked me up.
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