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Default Re: Jon "Bermuda" Schwartz here!

Nutha asks a great question, Bermuda takes the time to give a thoughtful and inspirational (and dare I say knowledgeable?) response, Nutha thanks him... and someone feels the need to tell Bermuda how wrong he is. I love this place. Some of you really don't want to be inspired, do you?

Let's accept the fact that there are a few pro drummers here who not only talk the talk, but walk the walk, and have been doing so for decades. If you want to disagree with one of them, super. But the nit-picking and negativity astounds me. There are people here to help, and there are people here to seek help, and there are people here to argue. For an example of how to respectfully ask for clarification, read Auger's post. For an example of how to look foolish, read Womble's.

Originally Posted by Womble View Post
with all due respect it is in reality complete nonsense.
Yeah, the respect just rolls off of that whole post in waves.

And now back on track. Jon, I see over and over how good advice applies to almost any discipline. As you know I train disabled people with mobility needs (usually with solutions involving service dogs), and I have said almost word for word what you said here about learning a new skill. Many years ago I studied two completely different martial art styles (one ancient, traditional, and Asian; the other modern, scientific, and European), and I heard the same things from each of my teachers. And I got the exact same advice from my small-arms instructor when I wanted to polish that set of skills after years of practicing on my own. The truth is the truth, and human nature is human nature, regardless of the situation or circumstances.

Of course one can dissect the nature-versus-nurture issue ad nauseum, but that wasn't the issue that was raised here. You were asked a very specific question about a hypothetical situation that is applicable in some way to every single member of this community, and you gave what I thought was a perfect answer based on your personal experience and observation. Thank you.
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