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Default Re: Jon "Bermuda" Schwartz here!

Originally Posted by Auger View Post
Hey Bermuda,

I'm not sure if I agree with you or not -because I think I may be misunderstanding what you are trying to say:

If you mean to say that anyone can learn the techniques being used by tony, vinne, ...etc with enough practice, then, I totally agree with that. And that, with enough practice, any of us could replicate note-for-note anything they've done, I'll agree with that ...sort of.

To me, the thing that makes most of the greats truly great is that, when they play, I don't hear just drums or just doubles and singles and various combinations of notes, I hear them and their conviction and attitude and fire and personality. …And I don’t feel this really has much to do with technique.
That's pretty much my point (see post above where I clarified.)

The reason I brought up the practice/achievement thing is that so many young players want to play like Vinnie, or Gadd, or Portnoy etc etc. I don't believe I've ever heard anyone say they wish they were as creative as those guys - they always say they want to play like them. Big difference.

Am I as creative as Vinnie? Or Gadd? Or Ringo? Not by a longshot. No amount of practice will instill that in me. I'm just not terribly creative that way. But could I practice and replicate their parts? Yes. Could I replicate their sound? Yes. Could I get the exact flavor of the way they play? Well, that's a lot harder, and I would say that I can get close.

For example, listen to almost any Beatles track (and this is completely separate from whether you think Ringo was great, or okay, or just lucky.) Is there a better part for those songs than what he played? Probably not. Ringo was extremely creative (and yes, I know Paul threw a lot of parts at him as well.) Is it possible to actually play the parts he played? Sure, nothing terribly difficult there and Ringo never claimed otherwise. Could you get the same drum sounds? To a large extent, yes. Part of the sound had to do with miking, compression, and the way he hit the drums (he was a fairly hard hitter for a pop/rock drummer.) But, would it sound like Ringo playing? No, probably not. There were pushes and pulls and inflections that he had that are extremely difficult to copy. It's a feel, and that is certainly something that defines some players.

Same with so many other drummers. And yes, that does stem from their "conviction and attitude and fire and personality" But, I was really talking just about playing the parts.

Which is how this particular question arose - it was about how to approach a part (a theoretical rudiment.)

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