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Suggesting that from infancy to age 5, enough practice time could be employed, or a level of comprehension could be achieved in order to compose, is ridiculous.
The whole reason I mentioned the young Mozart's ability to play pieces perfectly after one listen is precisely because it had nothing to do with practice: the man was a natural born freak. That's what I'm trying to impress on you. Your incredulity at the ability of some of these geniuses to compose at such an early age is understandable, but the fact remains that they could and did.

Can any of us move our sticks and feet in the same way that Vinnie and Terry etc do? With enough practice, yes.
Even if you're referring only to the exact mechanics and trajectory, I still disagree. Everyone's different. All these top guys - Vinnie, Tony, Buddy, Jojo - they've all got or had ridiculous hands, and their sticks all move differently. You could watch a video of their hands only and know instantly who was playing.

Could we create like them? Possibly not.
This little statement is all important. In your first post you claimed anyone could, given time, 'play like Vinnie'. Now you seem to have stepped back and are saying that anyone could move their sticks like Vinnie (whatever that means) but that they probably couldn't create like him, i.e. they couldn't emulate his feel, groove, phrasing, ideas, touch, etc. These being the things, of course, which really make a drummer. I'm more comfortable with what you're now saying, though I still disagree.
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