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Default Re: Jon "Bermuda" Schwartz here!

Originally Posted by NUTHA JASON View Post
and simply practice it starting slowly and gradually speed-up until it sounded natural

how would you do this? how do you keep track of your progress and what kind of schedules do you use?
I have a very objective ear. If I'm playing something, I can usually tell how it sounds, as opposed to how well I think I'm executing the part. So, assuming I have a sample of what I'm supposed to play, I can tell when I've got it.

If it's something requiring a specific speed - particularly if it's very slow or very fast - I will use a metronome to gauge my execution. I practice as slow or fast as I comfortably can, and continue to work until the tempo and feel are met. The metronome lets me know how I'm progressing. If I hit a wall before I get to the proper tempo, I keep working until I make progress. If that doesn't work, I keep working until it does.

There have been a lot of (what I thought were) very difficult parts that I was able to work out over time. But practicing is not strictly about starting slow and speeding up. It's about starting slow, and staying slow until you can speed up. Otherwise, practicing becomes a series of exercises that start slow, then fall apart as the speed is prematurely increased. The learning process is severely hampered if not handled with a 'slow & steady' approach.

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