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So, could any of us play like Terry? Or Vinnie? Or Danny Carey? Or (insert name here)?

Well, in theory, yes! Why not? In its most basic conceptual form, drumming is simply hitting things with sticks, and stepping on pedals. That's really all they're doing.
I appreciate that this may be a useful belief in terms of motivation, but with all due respect it is in reality complete nonsense. There is a reason Vinnie plays like Vinnie and that no one else can or does, and it's not about how much they've practised.

In its basic conceptual form, composing music is simply writing down one note after another with different spaces of time between them. So I suppose anyone could compose like Mozart, or Chopin, or Schubert. Indeed, if you can't memorise entire musical works by age 5 on one listen, then go home and reproduce them perfectly on the piano, you just haven't been practising enough.

I'm sorry if I sound harsh but I think the attitude you espouse below is (whollly unintentially I know) quite disrespectful to these legendary drummers. You're essentially saying that they're only so good because they practised a lot, which attempts to deny them the quite obvious truth that they are natural born geniuses who operate on a level most of us will never, ever attain.

You can quite easily tell those famous drummers who are natural geniuses from those who have simply been born with a ready capacity for conquering coordination and the patience to practice . Vinnie and Tony fall into the former camp; Weckl and Donati into the latter.

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