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After listening to "Secret World" (will pick up DVD soon) and soon after "Soul Cages" I became a big-time Manu fan. When I found out he was again playing with Sting (in 2000, I believe) I was psyched.
I picked up the "Live at the Universal Amphiteatre" DVD and ...sadly, I've only watched it once since I bought it. Sting looks completely full of himself, more so than ever (and I love his music) and Manu looks like he'd on the French "Pop Idol" show!!! I was so dissapointed...his playing sounds...bored. The only time in the DVD that had any energy was when Manu came out front to do the French Rap in the song "Perfect Love...Gone Wrong". Other than that, I think the machine playing all the drum loops was having a better time on that stage than Manu. You can see it.
I certainly hope that Manu will start up some fresh funky drum stuff soon, so we can all copy what he's doing!!
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