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Default Re: Drum Teacher Directory

I don't get this. I've been looking for a teacher in my area of the country, and have had no luck in finding a resource of any use; where i do find a local teacher listed, there is scant, if any information that i require i.e. musical/teaching experience, standard required, specialities, materials used. If there was one well-known, sought after directory, I think this would establish a protocol for listing, and would draw the major players in. Of course, I wouldn't expect some of the biggest guys to appear, for example Bob Armstrong - the big names wouldn't need this kind of exposure. I can only see this as mutually beneficial; tutees are provided a reliable and central resource, and tutors are provided an international platform. That's nothing to do with laziness.
I can't see the draw of Mikedolbear, too cliquey, but for the fine exception of Brookie. Shame he doesn't appear here, many would benefit from his knowledge.
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