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Default Re: Drum Teacher Directory

Originally Posted by samthebeat View Post
not to rain on anyone's parade but plenty of this info is allready out thier, their are listings all over the place if people are prepared to look. It's a great idea but Drummerworld has the potentional of then having a Monoploy on everything drums on the net by taking this route. Having one website for all things drum makes people lazy. Kinda like Mcdonalds makes people lazy when choosing somewhere to eat a burger. They just go to Mcdonalds bebcause they know where it is.

In england we have Drumsense which is easy to find on the internet. It was set up by a Rythm magazine drummer, he still writes for them. Not to mention all of the lower level private session drummers which advertise on thier websties. Guys like pete riley and what not. In the whole I think putting something like this would take business away from them, I dont think they would be happy about that. Or be very happy to pay for it, seems they would have to eventually becasue people are lazy and Drummerworld would over shadow their little websites. Monopoly is not cool, drummerworld is'nt just a cool little website now it's huge and it has the power to corner the market in this respect. No dis respect cause I love this site, im not sayng this will happen either. Just throwing it into the mix.

Must disagree with most of this. Drumsense is specifically a method of drum tuition that private tutors pay a sub to,founded and developed by Colin Woolway. Whilst popular with students and private tutors, it accounts only for one group of (albeit nationwide) tutors and one programme of teaching.
I disagree that Drummerworld developing a tutor directory would have any monopolising effect on Drumsense or freelance tutors. Conversely, I would expect it to have a positive effect in improving the exposure of the stand-alone tutors who, in UK at least are currently having a harder time competing with the Drumsense network.
The fact is, i've never yet encountered a worthy tutor directory - the one at Mikedolbear has more than 4 entries at least, but is still pretty poor if you live in the provinces. The fact that Drummerworld is so established and gets so much traffic is what makes a tutor directory so promising, regardless of where in the world you live. Forget monopolies, this is a free-to-view site, think of the possiblities.
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