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Originally Posted by TheSteve View Post
I had a lesson with him a few weeks ago at his house in Orlando and besides him being one of the greatest musicians out there, he's one of the nicest people I have ever met. He welcomed me and my parents in his house like we've been friends for years and we talking about drums and studying with him (which I might be doing in college at University of North Florida). Like we all know he was one of Joe's best students so the lesson was like I was learning from Joe through Danny. His chops and style are unreal. We had the lesson in his garage which had no garage type things in it at all. It had two kits with the craziest cymbal set ups ever. He also plays Basix drums which are really great sounding drums made in Europe I belive?

Anyway, stuff was just everywhere since his wife Beth is a percussionist and she had her share of timpani and other assortments of equipment all around the room as well. After the lesson he invited us to watch him play at the Candle Light Processional in Epcot, which by the way if you've never seen it, you should. He also told me some great stories like how he interviewed Gary Chester about New Breed and it basically explains the intro and how Joe was the best man at wedding and a lot of stories playing on radio jazz groups in Europe.

So to sum this all up, Danny is one of the best drummers walking the earth and is a great, nice and caring person. If you are in the Central/Northern area in Florida you should try to contact him for a lesson or check him out at UNF. I look forward to studying with him next year if that's the route I decide to take and if you live in Florida then my obvious other choice is UM. Well, that's my story.

Wow, nice story Steve. I'm jealous, of course. I hope you go to Univ of North Fla. Studying with Danny is reason alone...Good luck. So...If I'm going down to Disney sometime should I try and book a lesson with Danny? I'm taking the fam down there this November.
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