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Ive been a fan of Doms for many years now, but was lucky enough to be able to bring him out for a clinic in July last year and offer him accomodation and transport - so I spent some time getting to know him.

For people that dont know Dom, you will probably not know that his dimeanour offstage is as professional and inspiring as his playing onstage. This genuine personality is undoubtedly what people remember most about him. He is the full package. A great player and great person.

The morning of the clinic, he offered to do a motivational speech for the staff at my work free of charge.

While setting up for the gig, he showed me more about my technique in 10mins than I had been shown in 16 years.

He is THE nicest and most accommodating man Ive ever met. He didnt stay behind a curtain like many artists, waiting to be called out. He was at the front door as soon as we opened. He signed items for everybody and personally thanked everyone for coming to his show prior to taking the stage. He even bought drinks for my wife and staff as they assisted him! He then went onstage and blew everyone away. He then continued to thank and sign things for people, and if I didnt get him out of there and into the car when I did, we probably would have missed his flight back home!

As an organiser, it is sometimes tough to coordinate a clinic in addition to dealing with attitudes and egos of the players. If he ever returns to Perth, Western Australia again I will be the first retailer lining up to host him again.

If you ever want to know what its like to get the absolute most out of every minute of your life, look no further than Dom's career. Hes a player, a teacher, an ambassador, a writer, a motivational speaker, a Dad, A Husband and a good friend :)
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