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Originally Posted by Skameron831 View Post
Tomas Haake is such a machine. The dude is nuts and blows me away on almost all of his songs. Not to change the subject but if your into the polyrythmic drumming scene and what not, try checking out Textures, their drummer Stef Broks is like a jazz version of Tomas Haake. And another dude you should listen to is Misha Mansoor, i posted something on him earlier but no one really seems to be intrested. Check out this page, listen to atleast like 10 songs, they're all short clips but freaking awesome. He uses drum programming for some of his songs, but he can also play the songs on a real set so, thats pretty sweet.
Bulb(Misha) is the man! Amazing guitar player and a great drummer as well. I enjoy Textures a bit as well but not as much as I enjoy Meshuggah
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