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Dom uses a selection of Zildjian cymbals. Over the years his tastes in cymbals have changed somewhat. For example, on the Hullabaloo DVD he uses 13" A Custom hi-hats, 8" A Custom splash, 9" FX Oriental "Trash" Splash, 18" and 19" A Custom Crashes, 18" FX Oriental China Trash and a 22" K Custom Ride, whereas more recent performances have seen the addition of a 20" FX Oriental Crash of Doom, hung above his hi-hats, and 14" K Custom Special Dry Hi-Hats replace-and starkly contrast-the A Customs. Lately the A Custom splash has been changed out in favour of a traditionall finished cymbal, possibly an 8" or 10" Avedis splash.

For recording he uses darker K or K Custom crashes while he often retains the brighter A Customs in live performances for their increased "cut" (Ks were used at Live 8).

**This was taken directly from Wikipedia. Hope that helps!**
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