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Originally Posted by Womble View Post
Hmm, not sure about that. Robbie OD'd well early in the 70s.

I thought he died during the recording of that Cd...but I could be wrong...
Its all good...

Originally Posted by Womble View Post
Is it really? I picked it up no problems here in the UK. I still see it in drum stores. It's a gread vid but I want to see him play with a band. There's NO footage on the net or anywhere else as far as I can tell of him with a band. Absolutely friggin' ridiculous. Do a search for Travis Barker, 1000's of results; do a search for the most important pop-hit drummer of the last 20 years, and zippo. Such is life.
Yeah I feel the same way about Mike Clark and Sonny Emory...

Clark is a beast and Emory was one of the original flash players...even Lang mentioned him as an influence....and ofcourse theres nothing on the web of those guys....

Type in Joey Jordison and you get a gazillion clips....
Nuff with the rantin back to topic!
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