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Originally Posted by Tony Rockyhorror
I'm gonna be honest and some people might wanna jump down my throat for this one but I think Tre Cool is very reminisent of Keith Moon. Think about it, the intensity, the number of fills, the anticts. I also think that is what's missing from rock now a days. I think Tre deserves the respect he gets, cause like them or not Green Day is the band of this generation. When kids who grew up between the years of 1993 and now look back Green Day will be what we where represented by. As far as I'm concerned that's fine.
Actually, I believe there is a connection between the two...also, The Who are one of the bands Green Day are very into, they have a cover of My Generation on their second album (ironically, drummed by John Kiffmeyer and not Tré...). So it shouldn't be any surprise, nor should anyone take it as a bad thing, because it's one of their very aims (conscious or subconscious...)
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