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This post cracks me up. Here we are, drummers, all of us, known far and wide by musicians as the brand of instrumentalists MOST likely to help one another out or teach each other, raise each other up and endorse each other and each other's abilities are RAILING on a guy who has just had the good fortune to be as successful as he has.

Yes, I will be the first to admit that Travis Barker is crazy and damn near out of his mind. Being that high and that much of a "hey, check me out with my sweet cash and reality show" type guy is not appealing to me at all. What IS appealing is his ideas, his abilities and talent (all of which are quite obvious).

On the one hand, Travis grooves his butt off and this, coupled with his obvious enjoyment and love of the drums has inspired people the world over to start playing the drums. What's wrong with that? In my thinking, that's the mark of a great drummer. No, he doesn't do amazing four-way independance like Marco Minnemann or Thomas Lang. He doesn't have a sweet leftfoot cowbell like El Negro. The difference between all of these players I've mentioned, great and astounding as they all are, is that Travis plays things the everyday public can understand (with the exception of some of his ridiculous roll/fills that are WAY too punk). People like to bob their head to the music and it seems to me that Travis understands that putting a fat groove underneath a track makes it FAR more memorable than a drummer who can play 6/8 on his left side and 12/4 on his right.

Hello world. I dig the grooves that Travis lays down. "The Fallen Interlude" on Blink's last disc was amazing. The backbeat turnaround on Boxcar Racer's "Elevator" MADE that song what it is which is a great song. So he's nuts and probably a bad personal role model, but what are you watching the reality show for? I'd rather be playing.

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