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Default Re: Ratamacution

Hey everyone! I recently sent Pat a message asking about his Ratamacution exercise that is available to see on this site. I received a very quick reply and he asked that I post here for everyone to see...

Originally Posted by jarhat
Hey Pat! First off I'd like to say thanks for the videos that have been posted on the site, very nice stuff!

My question for you concerns the Ratamacution clip. I am a novice drummer. I have started to learn to read notation and what not and really enjoy just playing accented patterns on my practice pad. When I came across this clip I was happy to find the sound that has been in my head being performed very nice and clean! =) I'm confused on how you arrange it in a sextuplet. To me it just looks like you are playing single strokes with accents thrown in awkward places. I understand (atleast I think I do) what a ratamacue is, but from what I have found on the web they are played a little differently than what you showed here, I think you played it with longer gaps inbetween the accents? Could you maybe write this pattern out or show me where a similar one is written?

I hope that all makes sense somewhat, I'm really not sure how else to describe it =) Thank you very much for your time!


Hi, Matt

First off, thanks very much for the comments...I will answer here, and it would be cool if you posted this question under technique or my thread so many more can read the response..

Basically, as I explain on the DVD, I am phrasing the ratamacue more "contemporary", so as to apply to the drum set a little easier. 1st, I start the Ratamacue with a tap as opposed to the traditional drag, and I also phrase it like a sextuplet, ala Gadd. The sticking is; R l l R L R, L r r L R L
Practice this phrasing first, and then you will feel it. I also do a couple inversions, as it is an exercies. There are many drumset applications I show on the DVD as well.

Hope that helps! and do try to post this on the site for all to see

All the Best!
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Thanks again, Pat!
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