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Sure, I'd be happy to. I remember being impressed with the way Dom approached his drum kit as a musical instrument, as opposed to merely a 'rhythm' instrument. He got a great overall sound out of it and had a keen sense of using nuance and dynamics in his playing. To this day I don't know if I've played with a drummer who could match his cymbal technique. Dom and I played together from 81-82, and for me it was quite a learning experience (especially being only 22 years old when I joined his band).

I remember that we had a certain musical trust onstage, and for that reason Dom wasn't afraid to push me in unexpected directions. What you hear on those tapes is a band that had a completely different repertoire every show, with no more than 1 or 2 rehearsals for each, so there's a bit of that "fly by the seat of your pants" element. It certainly made for some incredibly musical moments, and also taught me to trust my own instincts on stage, which in turn made me a better player.

My only criticism of Dom at that stage of his development, and this could probably apply to anyone in that band, was that he occasionally had a tendency to show off his technique a bit much. Unfortunately it was sometimes at the expense of the groove. Perhaps it was the 'adrenaline' of the moment, or the fact that many of Dom's students would come to those shows and he felt the need to put on a show for them, I'm not really sure.

Now having said that, I'm intrigued by Dom appointing himself "Drumming's Global Ambassador" these days. Do drummers have any thoughts on that?
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