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Default Re: Introduce Yourself

real name?- Cory
age?- 28.
how long been playing?- 24 years.
origin of user name?- Natural Ice / Bacardi Razberry - (NaturalRaz) Clever huh?
top 5 drummers? Carter Beauford, Tommy Lee, Danny Carey, Shannon Larkin, and Me.
make of drumkit?- Sold my kit....(DW Pro).
make of cymbal?- Zildian K.
where do you practice?- On studio sets.
are you in a band/s?- No.
covers or originals?- N/A.
what style of music?- Rock, Metal & Alternative
favourite take out food?- Too hard to answer.
country?- About 5 songs.
one really odd fact about yourself?- I desire to be perfect in everything.
how did you start drumming?- Saw a Tommy Lee drum solo in 1985...I was hooked!