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Default Re: Drum Teacher Directory

in terms of payment there are several ways to go about it.

in the beginning it is essential for the directory to grow so that it actually becomes useful. i would say it should be free for the first six months at least. then there are options. like those 'find a friend' directories where the persons name and details are put up available to search but their contact details are hidden until the searcher has paid a nominal amount. this would be useful in the subbing and session sections. the drum teachers should pay a small subscription fee. plus i imagine the site to have loads of payperclick ads down the side bars to subsidise its exsistence. like drummerworld. ther can even be featured ad systems where someone can pay extra to have their ad at the top of their country or city listings and in bold larger fonts etc.

i think the directory should be a part of drummerworld and not a separate website. one of the options in the top navigation bar. with the number of hits DW gets this will make it immediately visible and like with any directory - numbers count a lot in its success. the directory should also look like DW (same fonts and backgrounds) ... it is another DW service on offer.

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