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Default Re: Drum Teacher Directory

Originally Posted by Pat Petrillo View Post
Hi All;

As I mentioned to Jeff in his email which he sent to me, it is an idea long overdue, and I have been working on such a project and website for a few months now, with a registered domain and address. The main page will be on line in a few days, detailing the mission, all of which are all similiar to what have been discussed in this thread.

As you may know, there are a couple sites out there already, but this one will be geared specifically to drummers only. The main page and details will be up shortly, and I will post the link and info when it "goes live"!

I think everyone will benefit from this website, and I will be back soon with the link and detailed announcement!

All the Best
I'm def looking forward to seeing how this turns out. You da man Pat.


PS - lol Tim, everyones a teacher, youre right
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