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Breakbeat Milo, I've been enjoying all your Jojo stuff, thanks for that, and yet I can't help the feeling that the problem with these drummers who try to play DnB is that they don't really know what good DnB is, and they're primarily drummers who realised they could create a niche for themselves by playing DnB beats. No matter how good they are at the drums (and Jojo's obviously VERY good), they seem to think that the playing great DnB involves going Boom...Bah...Boom-Bah, Boom...Bah...Boom-Bah, with a few ghost-notes thrown in. Does anyone know what I mean?

The only guy I've heard deliver a truly convincing interpretation of DnB on live drums was Marco Minnemann: it's a track called Kate, and it's the first one on his CD Broken Orange. Have you heard it? He plays some kind of auxillary snare (though someone from DW told me it was actually a roto-tom with snare wires attached) with his left foot, and the beat is phenomenal.


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