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Default Re: Jon theodor

Jon Theodore is my favourite drummer on the scene right now. I am totally sucked in by everything he does, plays, or says. So basically I can have endless comments to say about him right now.

I also saw him and The Mars Volta in September in Toronto, and they put on the best musical performance I have ever seen live. Literally my jaw hit the floor, and I still can not believe I saw them. Just the endless energy, power, and life that the entire 8 piece band put in was unbelievable. It was too bad though because they were opening for System of a Down, so they had a shortened set. I still remember that I was in so much shock, awe, and amazement that I stood up through the entire set change from The Mars Volta to System of Down.

I was at the side stage seating, so I was about 10 meters from the stage and of course perfectly positioned to watch Jon.

In my mind the man is a genius in every aspect of drums. Young drummers today should be looking at Jon Theodore for inspiration instead of Travis Barker or Tre Cool (no offence to them).

Oh and didn't I make a thread on him a long time ago!
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