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Default Re: Drum Teacher Directory

Originally Posted by NUTHA JASON View Post
i think we should make it


with sub categories of:




each would come with a form to be filled in online with radio buttons and fields relevant to the category and then the ads sorted by city. entries should remain valid for 6 months. then near expiry the poster is sent an automatic email encouraging them to refresh the advert and edit it (if their address or prices etc have changed). if they do not refresh the ad then it is removed from the database.

some fields/radio buttons that i think shoul be in each category are:

Drum teachers
  • city and country
  • price from... and what currency
  • area they work (ie south west london)
  • own experience
Substitute drummers
  • city and country
  • styles covered
  • price range (i'll play for free, 0 - 100, 100 - 200, 200+)
  • area they work
  • own transport
  • own kit
  • experience
session drummers
  • similar to the session ads.
later on there can even be a rating system like on ebay. be the first to rate this artist. customers who found this rating helpful etc etc.
To make it easier, possibly the drum teacher listing can include;
Willing to sub: Yes, No
If so, price, area, and styles

That would make it easier to design.
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