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having lived in richmond, va (70 min south east of charlottesville) for about 15 yrs now i had many opportunities to see the DMB live. seein carter up close in a small club was a great experience. and i was able to meet the guy in cville when i went to a john d'earth gig that a great jazz drummer named al garnette(betty carter, abbey lincoln) was playing on. very, very nice guy. and its a trip to realize that he worked as a social worker for a while and gave up his 9 to 5 to drum full time. also, there was a local fusion band here back in the day (secrets was the name) that included the aforementioned john d'earth and carter playing drums. lucky for me i worked for a wedding band and the leader had a copy of that band's one and only album......which i promptly hi-jacked and have it safely nestled away to this day. its nice to break it out every once in a while and listen to it. that band gave the richmond area a lot of hope.....they thought it would be the next athens, georgia with a ton of bands jumping onto the scene. didnt pan out that way though.

carter has his act together on this instrument. definitely an inspiration.

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