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my first experience w/ elvin was in the library media center @ VCU. i grabbed a copy of live @ birdland and proceeded to check out afro blue. OMG, i had NO clue what i was in for. prior to that my jazz listening included max, art, buddy, gene, and philly joe. but elvin, elvin was a whole different thing all together. i dont think my head was right for quite a few days after i heard that recording. coming out of mccoys piano solo, elvin kept the intensity high, and i really thought to myself that the music could not get any more intense @ that moment. then, john coltrane started his solo and the intensity jumped about 20 knotches. my jaw literaly hit the floor. loved elvin, and that band, ever since. i didnt know jazz could be played that way. man i heard that band had the white collar business men standing on the tables going nuts in the club during their shows.

the drumming world lost a treasure when elvin passed.
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