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Originally Posted by rendezvous_drummer View Post
Ok I didn't know what brand of stick his was and now that I know it's a Zildjian, I probably won't try it out. And I saw an advertisement on his myspace page that he once played DW drums and I knew he played Gretsch, but didn't know what line. Assuming he played Zildjian, did he play constantinoples or K's?
ooops, i got caught...yeah the ronald mcdonald set were his dws. i was soooo surprised to hear he jumped ship from gretsch, btw. when he was playing gretsch, it was before gretsch offered different lines. they only had one, the expensive line.

i believe he just played Ks period. obviously the 60s cymbals were 60s formula ks and i believe he just stuck w/ your run of the mill k brands ever since. i could be mistaken. i have a zildjian "they speak w/ their hands" cd that had his current (@ that time) cymbal lineup and i will check and post back later today.

you dont like zildjian sticks?

i love their brushes.
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