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Originally Posted by Ekim View Post
I wouldn't feel ashamed about that. How many female drummers are at the top of the music scene. Heck, how many musicians PERIOD?

I'm not commenting on Cindy Blackman simply because I've not heard or seen her stuff (although I wouldn't mind being exposed to some of her work).

But usually chicks get too much credit for too little ability / talent. Would Hillary Jones be on the Modern Drummer DVD from 2003? if she were a guy? I don't think so. I doubt we'd even know her name.
im sure if you do a quick search via internet or thru music purchase sites such as itunes etc you can find examples of cindy's drumming. however, let me say that if there is any drummer in the world that could claim they have tony's style well within grasp it would be cindy blackman, so much so that tony got a little pissed when he first heard her play.

when i started @ vcu the bass teacher in the jazz dept was calerence seay. clarenece, wallace roney, and cindy (among others) used to share a house in NYC. from what he was telling me, they would wake up, eat breakfast and then all would head to the practice room and immediately start playing. all they would work on was the miles davis material. every last one of 'em would learn their respective part off the album and they would practice playing those parts together, really trying to get the sound of the 2nd classic quintet. now thats dedication.

props to cindy for achieving so much in her career.
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