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Default Re: Drum Teacher Directory

It's an awesome idea, but it might just merit it's own website, a partner to drummerworld if you will. Even though the forums and the clinic section are good educational tools, it would be wonderful to consolidate all the methods and ideas into an educational website with a teracher list as well. The problem is it's a damn huge undertaking, but it would pay for itself if you had a bit of advertising. Imagine how many kids post "hay guyz how do i get better?"

You could just say "hay bro no problem just go to this website" or something like that. It could have suggested listening, approaches to instructional books(syncopation, stick control, new breed," style analysis, hand technique and teacher listings.

The pros-Tons of free content(the mods can just take good, non-copyrighted stuff from the forums and internet) and an easy response to the infinite posts of "i don't know what to do"

Cons-Immense amount of work to create.

I'd love to put the project together but I'm pretty young and working and going to school. If Bernhard had a trusted friend who might want to take on the project, it could kind of be a one-stop free drum info place.

I dunno, it just seems like the the drum teacher directory would be such a big undertaking that you might as well nuild an educational site around it. But i've been throwing these ideas around for a while, so I dunno if they totally work. Well, I've typed them out, might as well keep em.
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