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Default Re: Introduce Yourself

More formally in the proper thread...

real name? Spenser
age? 17
how long been playing? since i was 13
origin of user name? know idea. (get it? whoa.)
top 5 drummers? Bonzo, Gadd, Castilioni, Weckl, and Igoe
make of drumkit?Pearl Session
make of cymbal? zbt and wuhan, soon to be k customs!
where do you practice? basement
are you in a band/s? yea a few. Angus Scott Pipe Band (scottish snare drumming is hardcore and crazy different than any other type of drummin ever. seriously. its. a-mazing!) The undefined rulers. a few jam friends. School jazz band, pep band, and marching band.
covers or originals? originals.
what style of music? heavy rock, metal, kind of satriani+beatles.
favourite take out food? jack in the box.
country? US of A w00t.
how did you start drumming? Started playing piano in 2nd grade (still do) and started with school snare drum in 5th (skipped the friggin bells set, though i'm a good mallet player.)
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