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So, I ordered "Footloose in NYC" and had my wife give it to me from Santa...

Nice to see Bruford playing...but....

1. The camera angles are very poor. Not enough time spent watching Bruford. I don't want to see his face while he's playing some tricky thing. I want to see his hands/feet. Also, too much time was spent focusing on the other musicians while Bruford is playing something interesting. It's nice to see them, but this is Bruford's band isn't it?

2. Bruford has an interesting approach to jazz drumming. Not at all traditional. It works with the style of music they are playing, but I can't say it's really for me. I'm more into the modern bop, be-bop, hard-bop style drumming of today. That of the Bill Stewart, Brian Blade, etc. approach.

3. I think the whole weirdo drum set configuration is a gimmick. Please don't flame me for saying this. I am a huge Bruford fan from Yes -> Crimson. But I'm watching him play....and I'm thinking he could get the same thing out of a more traditional set up. Don't get it. Perhaps it feels most comfortable with his chosen grip?....

4. I thought his French grip w/Butt end in left hand was good for Rock/Progressive stuff...but seems a little bizzaahh for jazz comping in the left hand. I would not think of playing ghost notes with the butt end. He does get nice rim shots though.

Those were my first thoughts watching this DVD.

Still haven't made the log drum yet.
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