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I know I might be contradicting myself from the last Barker thread, but let me go on record as saying, after seriously scrutinizing his videos and this thread, that Travis is a good drummer. Yes, he isn't the technical master some think he should be, but the important thing to remember is that if Blink 182 didn't have him, they'd be nothing. Not sure if this is an urban myth or not, but my drum teacher, in a debate about Travis, said that during Blink's first recording session, the producer booted the other drummer out and stuck Travis in. He liked his punky grooves so much in fact that he saw them through to stardom.

If that's true, then that says a lot, and even if its an urban myth, Travis speaks for himself. He plays in the pocket for his band, and does what he likes best: playing drums the way he likes them. You don't have to be Bobby Jarzombek to be respected behind the kit, but you do have to make people move to your beat. Travis does this. No, he's not the best, nowhere close in my humble opinion, but he is good. And we should respect for not only that, but for his drumming stardom and the thousands of teens who pick up the sticks because of him (hmmm, why does the name "Ringo" come to mind?).
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