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Default Re: Play Along: - Metal - Jazz - Funk - Rock.....

Originally Posted by d.c.drummer View Post
Thanks, these are really great.

Bernhard, are you able to download clips off this site? I've heard that you are a mac user and I am also. When i go to the "download this to your hard-drive" it still plays in a window. I could get quick time pro (which would allow me to rip it from the internet) but it would knock me back $30 and i would have to upgrade it w/ another $30 soon.

I see that drummerkarl can download his this stuff and (childishly) I'm jealous. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks and Happy New Year.
for me it works like this: go to the download button and press your RIGHT mouse button, then the little menu window opens, click on "Save as" and dowload. I don`t know if this way works also for you but actually it should.


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