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Great thoughts, and we love the concern and input from our members. Unfortunately the chance of something like this happening is very slim.

We don't claim to be All Things Possible in the Universe Drum Related, but we do have places where people can read and contribute to conversations about everything discussed here. There's a reason why we don't have yet another Flash kit configurator or our own version of Prof. Sound's Drum Tuning Bible: they already exist somewhere else and they are easy to find. That's the same reason we don't have a Buyers Guide. We have sections where members can show off and ask for comments about their own equipment, sections for discussions about every possible piece of equipment, Sticky posts and Archives of great threads, and links to great articles about this very subject.

And of course, if someone is interested in buying a kit, they can (hopefully first) search for an existing thread on the subject or they can start a new one. If you are afraid that you'll get bad or useless advice ("Taht brand suXorz LOL") then consider the source. Yes, there are plenty of threads that basically ask the same question over and over, and so far they have been responded to with helpful advice. Let's keep it up.
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