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Very good idea, but i think that the voting process might take too long if people included every brand of cymbals and then the different types of cymbals in those brands etc. and the same with drumsets and gear, maybe times not a problem and we could put a buyers guide together next christmas, but not just time in the actual polling session but putting it together. Bernhard might get a little tired after 20 or so hours searching for random low priced sets to put in the poll. im with timebandit when i say that thats what the drum gear section is for (only allow people with 50 posts or more to post in there, because with 7,000 threads and 9 times that amount of posts, everythings been talked about)
im not trying to be negative, and dont get me wrong, i love this idea, but if we could get a place somewhere where we can broadcast the feelings we've had on products for a long time. and maybe its a great way to get noobies to stop stupid topics.