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oh god am i gonna ket killed for this. first off john bonham was an amazing drummer. his right foot was indeed very fast and his triplet fills were vey impressive. he played a lot of really cool stuff. two things, however, bother me when i listen to zeppelin. one is personal, in that i'm not actually a huge fan of that kind of rock, though i'm not saying it's bad music. heck it's incredible. the second is this. moby dick solo is, in my opinion, slightly too long and slightly too dull. even the studio version. i can never be bother to properly pay attention to the whole thing, cos it isn't exciting to me. it doesn't seem to have a pulse to it. the fact that the concert version was half an hour makes it worse, though the video clips on this site did make it seem like a much better solo. i think the studio version was a mistake, and i personally prefer the guitar parts. don't kill me please.
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