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Default Re: NEW VIDEOS: Marco Minnemann.....

Originally Posted by tomgrosset View Post
I don't really understand what you mean. He doesn't just have a gift for independence, he also has fast/clean chops, a really good feel for grooving, ideas that are very inventive and he does everything effortlessly. I don't see how he isn't good especially if you've seen signs of improvement from his abilities. I'm not his biggest fan, but I know talent when I see it and I've seen some of his videos when he's soloing and they are just simply astonishing.
Eh, wrong choice of words on my part. When I said, "I don't see how he is so good," I meant I don't see how he got so good." A better choice of words would be, "Holy crap! How did any drummer manage to gain that level of independence!? Marco is awesome!" Sorry, my fault for just slapping words on a post and not really thinking it through. I'll edit that post so it won't throw anyone else off.
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