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Default Re: The legendary Steve Gadd.

Originally Posted by mikkeydee
in the weckl-gadd-colaiuta drum off, yes, since this is only a "drum-off", not a musicality contest, i agree gadd is OFF. the least complexity and speed wise.
i felt gadd was the best drummer there! beleive it or not. when i first saw it i thought "come on gadd, these guys are making you look bad". but when i just listened to it, i could hear his style above the other two. they sounded dead similar to me, vinnie and dave, but gadd was unique and made much smarter fills, and it seems like it was probably him that came up with that cowbell groove running through the background. i think that "lucky 13" clip shows gadd doing a lot of the things i think he is best at. it's my favourite clip on the site.
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