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I would highly reccommend Larry Finn's Accelerate Your Drumming DVD. I'd give it # # # # #.

It's logically laid out, with challenging but musically interesting grooves in rock, funk, hip hop and latin. In fact everything is geared towards a practical and musical end, whether it's four way coordination or rundimental hand technique, there's an actual point to all of it, making the whole process worth while. There's also very little bull on this DVD; one drum solo (with a groove and in time), a few demonstrations and a brief introduction to each section and that's it. The rest is all exercises and grooves that are all notated in a handy little note book for you to learn in sequence. For my money, that's what an educational DVD should be.

One page is misprinted in the my note book though - does anyone know where I can get a correction? Larry Finn has no home page or anything.
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