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I think this is a brilliant suggestion. For some one like myself who knows about the top kits and cymbals but can't afford to buy them, it would prove to be a very useful review area so we can aspire to better and greater things. As for only giving the more experienced players the say is a delicate area. I have been playing on and mostly off for 25 years but due to been committed to my family I can only afford the cheap end of the market. I have a 9 shell Stagg kit with mostly Stagg cymbals, I would love to have a top make kit like DW, Tamma, Yamaha and an nice set of zildjian cymbals. The points here are I still get to play and that it is all too easy to become elitist and ignore the smaller names. Stagg can produce some great sounding cymbals for the fraction of the price of Sabian or Zildjian. It would be interesting to see how equipment used by Buddy Rich in the early 40's would compare to todays modern standards. After all it comes down to two things. What you can afford and your own personal sound.Don't stop playing because you haven't got the top equipment, real ability will always show.
After almost pouring cold water on the idea I still say Yes do it but keep in mind us small poor people how have virtually no money (and in my case no ability) who just play for the love and passion of playing.
Why stop now Just when I was begining to hate it?